A Weekend In The Woods

Photo Credit: D. Koch 2013

The weather in Calgary hasn’t been well-received this month. We were teased with two weeks of hot, humid, sticky days and chilly nights followed by constant rain and nights near zero. At the start of this past weekend it seemed the weather was going to behave so we hurriedly packed our weekend bags, the s’mores kit and a few other weekend essentials. We were off to the cabin about 40 minutes NE of Edmonton, Alberta.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the RDIO app on your phone, I highly recommend it. Streaming music based on what suits your mood and, if you have the paid version, instant access to thousands of albums, there’s never a boring moment when you’re driving down the road, sunroof open listening to exactly what you want to, no more annoying radio commercials. Of course this app uses some healthy data so it’s best to keep an eye on your consumption. No one likes data overage charges on their monthly mobile statement.

We had not visited the cabin since February for a Valentine’s Day getaway (our idea of celebrating is avoiding all the lovey-dovey and commercial pressure and enjoy each other’s company in the woods) and the lawn was overgrown, windows were covered in spider webs and I think a family of squirrels had moved into my hosta garden. No matter – we got to work! Arriving at 5pm on Friday we had the entire property trimmed and shiny by 8pm. I took to organizing the bedroom and kitchen as well as preparing dinner while the other half chopped some wood and readied what was to be a momentous fire seen from space. Steaks and Caesar salad in hand, we sat outside at the fire. At the ‘click’ of the lighter to begin a night of laughter, stories and reflection we heard a bigger sound: the boom of thunder rolling in. Literally ten seconds later the skies opened up and soaked about ten square kilometers with our cabin in the dead centre.

Photo Credit: D. Koch 2013

We ran inside and shook ourselves dry. Now I can handle most weather like a 5’6” warrior, but when it’s raining sideways the last thing I want is a second shower in freezing rain. The decision was made to hide inside, cowering from the rain with high hopes the storm would pass and we could enjoy that fire we had been craving for months.

Two hours passed. The storm was not letting up. Thankfully a few months back we had the smart idea to sign up for the Shaw Direct 2nd Home – a program provided by us that offers service at a second location for almost 50% off the retail price! We were shipped a satellite dish and receiver, booked the install with the local company and had the service up and running within a few weeks (it could have been sooner but our schedules were a bit tight). We picked a package smaller than what we had at home, no movies or sports, got a free month of service, a free HDPVR rental and some free movies, but it’s perfect for those rainy nights at the cabin when all the Monopoly money has been played and that DVD set of Star Wars is smoking from being watched so much.

You can find more information here: http://bit.ly/1kjsvQL along with the program requirements and terms, and if you are ready to sign up, get in contact with one of our customer care agents – Chat now http://bit.ly/15naFpg with a live agent.

What better way to celebrate Cottage season? Enjoy your weekends away in any weather with the 2nd Home program from Shaw Direct.