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A Weekend In The Woods

Photo Credit: D. Koch 2013

The weather in Calgary hasn’t been well-received this month. We were teased with two weeks of hot, humid, sticky days and chilly nights followed by constant rain and nights near zero. At the start of this past weekend it seemed the weather was going to behave so we hurriedly packed our weekend bags, the s’mores kit and a few other weekend essentials. We were off to the cabin about 40 minutes NE of Edmonton, Alberta.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the RDIO app on your phone, I highly recommend it. Streaming music based on what suits your mood and, if you have the paid version, instant access to thousands of albums, there’s never a boring moment when you’re driving down the road, sunroof open listening to exactly what you want to, no more annoying radio commercials. Of course this app uses some healthy data so it’s best to keep an eye on your consumption. No one likes data overage charges on their monthly mobile statement.

We had not visited the cabin since February for a Valentine’s Day getaway (our idea of celebrating is avoiding all the lovey-dovey and commercial pressure and enjoy each other’s company in the woods) and the lawn was overgrown, windows were covered in spider webs and I think a family of squirrels had moved into my hosta garden. No matter – we got to work! Arriving at 5pm on Friday we had the entire property trimmed and shiny by 8pm. I took to organizing the bedroom and kitchen as well as preparing dinner while the other half chopped some wood and readied what was to be a momentous fire seen from space. Steaks and Caesar salad in hand, we sat outside at the fire. At the ‘click’ of the lighter to begin a night of laughter, stories and reflection we heard a bigger sound: the boom of thunder rolling in. Literally ten seconds later the skies opened up and soaked about ten square kilometers with our cabin in the dead centre.

Photo Credit: D. Koch 2013

We ran inside and shook ourselves dry. Now I can handle most weather like a 5’6” warrior, but when it’s raining sideways the last thing I want is a second shower in freezing rain. The decision was made to hide inside, cowering from the rain with high hopes the storm would pass and we could enjoy that fire we had been craving for months.

Two hours passed. The storm was not letting up. Thankfully a few months back we had the smart idea to sign up for the Shaw Direct 2nd Home – a program provided by us that offers service at a second location for almost 50% off the retail price! We were shipped a satellite dish and receiver, booked the install with the local company and had the service up and running within a few weeks (it could have been sooner but our schedules were a bit tight). We picked a package smaller than what we had at home, no movies or sports, got a free month of service, a free HDPVR rental and some free movies, but it’s perfect for those rainy nights at the cabin when all the Monopoly money has been played and that DVD set of Star Wars is smoking from being watched so much.

You can find more information here: along with the program requirements and terms, and if you are ready to sign up, get in contact with one of our customer care agents – Chat now with a live agent.

What better way to celebrate Cottage season? Enjoy your weekends away in any weather with the 2nd Home program from Shaw Direct.


The Shaw Fire Log

It’s that time of year again. A time for hot chocolate, woolly toques, building snowmen, and of course, the Shaw Fire Log.

You can enjoy it on channel 299 (in between regular programming), in HD on channel 955 (you’ll need a 600-series receiver), or on Shaw Direct On Demand. Can’t wait until you’re at home to bask in the warm glow of the fire log? Fear not: Today we introduce the Shaw Fire Log online, available exclusively on our Facebook page! Whether you’re on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can see all of the ember-y goodness.

Did you know that the original televised fire log was on New York’s WPIX in 1966? It was inspired by an animated Coca Cola commercial that showed Santa in front of a fireplace. WPIX CEO Fred Thrower wanted the channel to be available to New Yorkers who lived in apartments or homes without fireplaces.

And, who can forget the hard-hitting feature The Daily Show did on the Shaw Fire Log?

Whether you’re curled up at home, or trying to stay warm on your morning commute, don’t miss out on the Shaw Fire Log.


NHL Centre Ice

If the best game you can name is the good ol’ hockey game, and the best team you can name is from out of your region, then NHL Centre Ice might just be for you.

NHL Centre Ice is the ideal package for those who want to watch “out-of-market” hockey games. For example, if you live in Winnipeg, but you root for the Ottawa Senators, this would be considered an “out-of-market” game. This means you wouldn’t normally receive the game, which could make you a very sad Senators’ fan. Subscribing to NHL Centre Ice would help prevent this from happening (as long as your favourite team wins), providing you with 15 HD channels of goals, shutouts, and hat tricks. That’s up to 40 games per week!

This great package is available for $30.14 (taxes extra) per month for the duration of the regular NHL season. Wondering what you’ll need to enjoy all of the action? You will need a 600-series receiver (the HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, or HDPVR 630), as well as an updated xKu LNBF installed on your dish. If you’re not sure what kind of equipment you have, follow the instructions here to find out. If you need any upgrades, contact us for more information.


Bonus: Stompin’ Tom Connors – The Hockey Song


Rookie Blue

Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith on a visit to Calgary to meet fans.
Missy Peregrym and Gregory Smith on a visit to Calgary to meet fans.

Good news to all fans of Global’s hit series Rookie Blue: Season four starts tomorrow night at 10 p.m. ET on Global.

Season three ended with Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) accepting offers to join an elite, covert task force without being able to tell anyone. The pair winds up working to infiltrate a meth pipeline, when things go awry.

The new season will see actor Gregory Smith (who plays Dov Epstein on the series) taking his first crack at directing a handful of episodes.

Can’t wait until tomorrow to get a sneak peek of the new season? Check out the season four trailer from Global.

Understanding Your Interactive Programming Guide

The interactive on-screen guides available with our 600-series receivers – the HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605, and HDPVR 630 – offer colour coding and a variety of different symbols to help you figure out what is being displayed. This is a brief explanation to understanding your on-screen guide.

The on-screen guide for the 600-series will look much like this:


At the top of the screen, on the left, you’ll be able to see what is playing on the current channel so that you don’t miss anything while you’re browsing. It will also display the current channel number.

To the right of this, you’ll see information about the program that you’re looking up in the guide, including the show and episode titles, what channel it’s on, the time you can watch it at, the rating, and any relevant program attributes (see the table under “Guide Symbols” later in this post for details).

Down below this, you’ll see the programming grid, complete with timeslots, channel numbers and names, and the programs that will be airing over the next 90 minutes. You can scroll through this with arrows on your remote control, and press INFO to display more detailed information about the program.

All programming information is provided to us by each individual broadcaster; if you notice any discrepancies, please let us know what channel, time, and show the issue occurred with so we can escalate the concern accordingly. We are however, unable to make any changes to what is displayed in the guide.

Colour Coding:

Blue is general programming, which includes network series, news, general specials, and most other regularly airing programs.

Green means sports and most sports-related programs, like sports talk shows, live sporting events or replays, and sports-related series.

Purple is for regular movies, including most documentaries.

Orange is any programming geared towards kids, or the whole family.

Aqua means that the programming is Pay Per View content, including movies, concerts, or sporting events.

Red denotes a Shaw Direct channel, so any of the information channels, or the Shaw Direct TV Network.

Anything highlighted in grey is something that is not included in your current programming package.

If you see something in yellow, it’s the item in the guide that is currently selected. As you navigate through the guide, you’ll see this move around.

Guide Symbols:


Any questions or suggestions about our interactive on-screen guide? Let us know in the comments!


Commercial Services

For more than 14 years, Shaw Direct has been offering industry leading television solutions to businesses, offices, restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels and work camps. Propel your business by providing breathtaking high definition picture, crystal-clear sound, and state-of-the-art technology; your guests and employees will thank you.

14_600By choosing Shaw Direct, you’re choosing the best in entertainment. All Shaw Direct receivers are 100% HD ready, MPEG-4 compatible and ready for whatever the future of technology throws our way. Shaw Direct Commercial Services will take care of your needs by designing a plan that suits your requirements. Thanks to the diversity of satellite technology, virtually every area in Canada is serviceable including remote and rural locations.

Based on your building requirements, you can choose from a direct-to-unit (“DTU”) distribution or a head-end distribution. By choosing DTU, your guests, employees or tenants can enjoy the perks of having access to our interactive programming guide with information for 14 days in advance, hundreds of channels including many in HD, digital music channels, and much more! The head-end option works similarly to a miniature cable plant in your building and is an excellent solution for hotels and work camps. Based on the amount of channels you require, our technicians would build a head-end to suit your needs. This function would allow your employees and guests to change the channels and operate their televisions like they’re hooked up with traditional cable, all while enjoying stunning picture and sound.

Be the competitive edge by providing the best of the best not only when it comes to technology and reliability, but also programming! Shaw Direct offers a great selection of channels to choose from including top tier sports, news, networks, movies and more.

So, why not bring the great experience you already enjoy at home to work with you? Get more information on our website, and you can request a quote for your business; one of our dedicated Commercial Sales team members will contact you to discuss your needs.


Seasonal Breaks

If you’re a customer with Shaw Direct satellite and will be away from your home for an extended period of time for any reason – be it a vacation or otherwise – we offer a program called Seasonal Break that may be of great benefit to you. Whether you’re wanting to refresh your memory as to the exact details or whether you’re hearing about it for the first time, we want to ensure all customers can take advantage – let’s break down how it works so you can use this program to suit your needs best.

If you want to put your Shaw Direct account on Seasonal Break, there is a minimum and maximum timeframe to do so. You must have the service suspended for no less than two weeks (14 days, to be exact), and it can be put on hold for no longer than 180 days (approximately six months). During the time that your services are suspended, your account will not incur any further charges until the date of reconnection. The balance of your bill will be pro-rated for the number of days of service you’ve used up until the date of suspension. Any balance owing previously will still be due (so, if you ordered a movie through Shaw Direct On Demand the night before you contacted us to go on a Seasonal Break, the charge for the movie will still be outstanding).

As service will automatically be restored after the last day of the Seasonal Break, it is important to select your reconnection date (unless you decide to go the full 180 days – in this case, you will be advised of the reconnection date). If you are unsure of exactly what day you will be coming home, you can provide an approximate date (for example, Mr. Swanson knows he’ll be back in January, but is unsure of the date. To be safe he provides us the date of January 30 for reconnection). If at any time you then find out the exact date that you will be back, you can call in and change what was initially scheduled (so, if Mr. Swanson finds out he’ll be home earlier than anticipated, he could call before then to change the automatic reconnection date, or call on the day he gets home to have his services restored. Alternately, if he found out that he’d be gone longer than expected, he could have the date pushed back, as long as it doesn’t push him over 180 days). If no changes are made to the reconnection date, then the date originally chosen will be the date services return and charges begin again.

Let us know before your next vacation so we can help get you setup with Seasonal Break!