Anik G1 Upgrades

Shaw Direct’s third satellite – Anik G1 – went live on May 29, 2013. This has enabled us to add tons of new and exciting channels in both standard and high definition! We’re also very proud to say that we now carry the most HD channels in Canada: over 210.

So, what exactly do you need to access the great new Anik G1 channels? You’ll need an xKu LNBF installed on your dish, and a 6XX-series receiver (the Essential HDDSR 600, Advanced HDDSR 605, or Advanced HDPVR 630).

In order to help you figure out if you’re G1-ready, we’ve added a special channel so you can find out exactly what you need. To get started, turn to channel 988; once you’re here, press INFO and you’ll see one of four messages:

988 - Quad + 00.FE - Info

This means that you’re using one of our older receivers, and have an older style LNBF. If this is the case, you can contact us to arrange an LNBF upgrade and to look into getting a new receiver (or more) so you’ll be able to enjoy our new channels.

988 - Quad + 6XX - Info

If you see this message, then you’ve got the right receivers, but will need a new LNBF. Contact us to arrange an upgrade for your LNBF.


This message means that you’ve got the correct LNBF, but will need a different receiver to access the new channels. Contact us to find out about getting a new receiver.

988 - xKu + 6XX - Info

If this is the message you’re getting, then you’re already set to start watching the new channels right now!

If you have more than one receiver in your home, we recommend checking channel 988 on all of them to see what the status is for each one.

In the event that you do need an upgrade to your LNBF, we can either have an installer go out to put it in for you, or if you’re in an area that doesn’t have a local installer, we can have a new LNBF shipped out to you.


16 thoughts on “Anik G1 Upgrades”

  1. Any Chance for Channels like Silver Screen Classics, Disney XD in SD, FX in SD, Rewind, Muchmoreretro, Joy Tv Winnipeg and Vancouver and CTS Alberta in the future besides HD Channels?!!! Better programming packages as well needed!!! I’m still in the planning stages of returning back to Shaw from Bell whenever that will be!!!

  2. We looked at the channel list, looks like french channels are not getting much attention… yet again. Yoopa HD and Téléquébec HD would be great addition for us and I know we’re not the only ones who are requesting them. It’s all fine and good to “upgrade” and get more english channels but we’re also francophones and we would enjoy getting the two channels mentioned above. Thanks.

    1. Hi Stephanie. Our main focus was getting more locals in SD and HD, but we did add quite a few specialty channels as well. We’ve added multiple SRC and TVA stations in SD and HD, as well as LCN, VRAK, Historia, and more in HD. We did actually add Téléquébec HD at the end of May. *rg

  3. What about the message that says “please call us regarding your account”. On this channel is that only showing for home away from home customers?

    1. Hello Jamie. That may be the case. If it is giving you any other message, it is best to call in as we have a specific team that will be able to help out. *rg

      1. I know that I have the right STB and LNBF. I best the same message as above and I am on the One Shaw Vacation Plan, much the same as home away from home but for Shaw Cable users. Was there anything more from calling in? I assume I would need to be near the STB if there are questions, which means I can only call in via cell. I just want to be certain its more important than just a fallback message because its a different type of account. /k

      2. Hi Kevin. You won’t need to be near the receiver, but we do ask that you call in about this message. *rg

      3. Thanks. I called in and it seems that all is well. The equipment is just 1 year old, so it is all up-to-date. The CSR was not aware of any other issue involved with the specific message.

  4. I have an HD605 Box but I dont get any of these screens when I turn to 988. I get commercials about Shaw in French & English ?????

  5. ” In the event that you do need an upgrade to your LNBF, we can have a new LNBF shipped out to you.”

    At what cost ?? or is it free and I install the LNBF myself ??


  6. We don’t get those screens, just commercials in French. We paid for an upgrade over a year ago, not sure that we got the new lnb.

    1. Hi Michael. Try pressing INFO when you get to that channel and see what comes up. Chances are if you got the upgrade that recently, you’re probably okay, but it’s best to check. *rg

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