Beam Barrage

largeRemember Space Invaders? We loved that game so much that we decided to give you an updated version of it called Beam Barrage. We’re beaming down over 210 HD channels – the most in Canada – and we need your help!

See how much content you can beam, and you’ll even be entered for neat daily and weekly prizes. Check it out here! (Please note that this is a Flash game, so it won’t work on mobile devices. But hey, it’s pretty fun to smash the space key to shoot the beam!)

4 thoughts on “Beam Barrage”

  1. Why doesn’t Shaw Direct comment on the new policies on Home Away? Is this not considered a major change in the services that you deliver?

    1. Hello Keith. Yes, it is a major change, and we are working to contact all impacted customers. At this time, we will address the change with each impacted customer one-by-one. *rg

      1. Hi Keith. If anyone contacts us to sign up and wants information on getting service at a second location, we will provide them with the details about the Second Home program. *rg

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