Commercial Services

For more than 14 years, Shaw Direct has been offering industry leading television solutions to businesses, offices, restaurants, apartment buildings, hotels and work camps. Propel your business by providing breathtaking high definition picture, crystal-clear sound, and state-of-the-art technology; your guests and employees will thank you.

14_600By choosing Shaw Direct, you’re choosing the best in entertainment. All Shaw Direct receivers are 100% HD ready, MPEG-4 compatible and ready for whatever the future of technology throws our way. Shaw Direct Commercial Services will take care of your needs by designing a plan that suits your requirements. Thanks to the diversity of satellite technology, virtually every area in Canada is serviceable including remote and rural locations.

Based on your building requirements, you can choose from a direct-to-unit (“DTU”) distribution or a head-end distribution. By choosing DTU, your guests, employees or tenants can enjoy the perks of having access to our interactive programming guide with information for 14 days in advance, hundreds of channels including many in HD, digital music channels, and much more! The head-end option works similarly to a miniature cable plant in your building and is an excellent solution for hotels and work camps. Based on the amount of channels you require, our technicians would build a head-end to suit your needs. This function would allow your employees and guests to change the channels and operate their televisions like they’re hooked up with traditional cable, all while enjoying stunning picture and sound.

Be the competitive edge by providing the best of the best not only when it comes to technology and reliability, but also programming! Shaw Direct offers a great selection of channels to choose from including top tier sports, news, networks, movies and more.

So, why not bring the great experience you already enjoy at home to work with you? Get more information on our website, and you can request a quote for your business; one of our dedicated Commercial Sales team members will contact you to discuss your needs.