Seasonal Breaks

If you’re a customer with Shaw Direct satellite and will be away from your home for an extended period of time for any reason – be it a vacation or otherwise – we offer a program called Seasonal Break that may be of great benefit to you. Whether you’re wanting to refresh your memory as to the exact details or whether you’re hearing about it for the first time, we want to ensure all customers can take advantage – let’s break down how it works so you can use this program to suit your needs best.

If you want to put your Shaw Direct account on Seasonal Break, there is a minimum and maximum timeframe to do so. You must have the service suspended for no less than two weeks (14 days, to be exact), and it can be put on hold for no longer than 180 days (approximately six months). During the time that your services are suspended, your account will not incur any further charges until the date of reconnection. The balance of your bill will be pro-rated for the number of days of service you’ve used up until the date of suspension. Any balance owing previously will still be due (so, if you ordered a movie through Shaw Direct On Demand the night before you contacted us to go on a Seasonal Break, the charge for the movie will still be outstanding).

As service will automatically be restored after the last day of the Seasonal Break, it is important to select your reconnection date (unless you decide to go the full 180 days – in this case, you will be advised of the reconnection date). If you are unsure of exactly what day you will be coming home, you can provide an approximate date (for example, Mr. Swanson knows he’ll be back in January, but is unsure of the date. To be safe he provides us the date of January 30 for reconnection). If at any time you then find out the exact date that you will be back, you can call in and change what was initially scheduled (so, if Mr. Swanson finds out he’ll be home earlier than anticipated, he could call before then to change the automatic reconnection date, or call on the day he gets home to have his services restored. Alternately, if he found out that he’d be gone longer than expected, he could have the date pushed back, as long as it doesn’t push him over 180 days). If no changes are made to the reconnection date, then the date originally chosen will be the date services return and charges begin again.

Let us know before your next vacation so we can help get you setup with Seasonal Break!