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The Shaw Direct and Xplornet Anywhere Bundle

One of the great things about Shaw Direct satellite service is how accessible it is; whether you live in the city, on a farm, or in the furthest reaches of Canada, you can enjoy your favourite show or a classic movie.  While you can still enjoy television living outside of an urban centre, high speed Internet can be another story altogether. This is why we’re so happy about our recent partnership with Xplornet!

As you may be aware, Shaw Direct and Xplornet began a partnership in May. Anyone who subscribes to Shaw Direct is eligible to receive a 5% discount on their Xplornet services. So, you can get crystal-clear HD along with high speed Internet regardless of where you live in Canada with the Anywhere Bundle. If you’re interested in finding out more or signing up, you can fill out this form to request a call from the bundling team.

A bit of background about Xplornet: Like Shaw Direct, Xplornet Communications Inc. is a proudly Canadian-owned and -operated company, headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick. They’ve been around since 2004 and were originally named Barrett Xplore Inc. Their belief is that everyone in Canada should have access to broadband-speed Internet, and we agree!

Xplornet is also Canada’s first national 4G network provider. This means that by the end of this year, they’ll be able to provide speeds of up to 100 Mbps! You can check out their current 4G coverage areas here.

So, what happens if you wind up opening an account with them? The installation process is actually pretty similar to ours; in fact, a lot of Xplornet installers are also Shaw Direct installers!

When the installer gets to your home, they’ll find the best location install the dish (with a clear view towards their satellites, so no trees or buildings in the way). Once their assessment of your property is complete, they will mount the dish, and align it to ensure you’re getting the best signal possible. They’ll ground the dish, run cables, and seal any holes. Once this is done, they will hook up your modem, make sure everything is activated, and test your system. That’s all it takes!

You’ll still get two separate bills from Xplornet and Shaw Direct, and if you need to troubleshoot your Internet, or change anything with your Xplornet services, you will have to contact Xplornet. We are happy to get the ball rolling if you want to open an account with Xplornet, though! Just let us know, and we’ll help out.

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